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When you need water damage restoration in Atlanta as well as fire damage cleanup and mold remediation services, 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta is the company to call! Here at Mosquito Beach Hotel, we have seen firsthand the excellent service offered to homeowners and business owners by the water damage restoration contractors at 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta, and their outstanding fire damage cleanup and mold remediation work as well!

When You Need Atlanta Water Damage Repairs

The southeast corner of the United States offers some amazing views of the coast and beautiful attractions that are fun for the entire family, but being in close proximity to the ocean means the constant risk of storms and resultant flooding! Proper water damage restoration in Atlanta ensures that a home or commercial structure avoids the growth of mold as well as damage to its interior drywall, wall studs, and subflooring.

Along with inclement weather, broken plumbing pipes and fixtures as well as damaged water features inside the home result in dangerous flooding and the need for water damage cleanup in Atlanta. Wood framing, drywall, carpeting, carpet padding, hardwood floors, and other surfaces and materials absorb water quickly and easily, leading to cracks and other such damage as well as the risk of mold growth and development.

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Makeshift water damage repairs in Atlanta are not sufficient for ensuring that your home or commercial building is strong and secure and free of the risk of mold growth. Professional water damage remediation companies like the pros at 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta ensure that all traces of excess water are removed and that your home’s surfaces and building materials are dry and structurally sound. Odor neutralizers also remove mildew smells and other unpleasant scents after a flood, keeping your home clean and ready for you and your family!

Fire Damage Repairs in Atlanta

Going through a fire at home or in your commercial structure is stressful enough, which is why you need to call the expert fire damage restoration contractors at 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta! Fire damage repair involves more than just cleaning away soot stains; fires leave behind tremendous amounts of ash and burned residues as well as fire suppressant foams and water used to put out the blaze. These materials are not suitable for cleaning with a household vacuum.

Professional and efficient fire damage repairs in Atlanta by the experts at 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta ensures that all traces of bothersome ash and soot are removed thoroughly, while odor neutralizers take away those bothersome smoky smells. Their services leave your structure in perfect condition, without any trace of fire damage.