Mosquito Beach Storm Watch


Mosquito Beach and the entire east coast of South Carolina offer some amazing oceanfront attractions and lots to do year-round, but where there are oceans, there are also strong storms and even the occasional hurricane! While South Carolina doesn’t suffer many such storms, inclement weather will develop throughout the year and some storms can be very hazardous for east coast residents and visitors.

Tropical storms during summertime are especially dangerous for the unprepared, as flash floods develop quickly and bring water surges strong enough to wash away cars and wash out bridges and roads. Lightning strikes are also especially dangerous and can cause severe property water damage and injury.

weather and hurricane radar

At Mosquito Beach Hotel, we’re dedicated to the comfort as well as the safety of all our visitors. We want to ensure that your stay at our facility is one you’ll enjoy and not one marred by stormy and downright dangerous weather!

Tourists coming from far away might not know the best way to evaluate stormy weather or how to protect themselves from heavy rains, lightning, and flash flooding. On the other hand, some potential visitors might assume that strong rains and winds mean that they should stay away and cancel their trip, when such storms might simply form quickly and then pass through the area just as fast!

The staff here at Mosquito Beach Hotel know the challenges of potential and developing storms and are aware of their dangers, as well as being familiar with lighter storms and inclement weather that is nothing more than a temporary inconvenience. We carefully and consistently monitor local weather reports and radar, ensuring that we understand any potential dangers to our guests and developing weather that might put a damper on your upcoming vacation.

Along with ensuring that our site is updated with regular weather forecasts and warnings about potentially dangerous storms, everyone at Mosquito Beach Hotel works hard to keep guests informed about safe practices in poor weather conditions. Our guests are notified if the pool needs to be closed due to the risk of lightning and also notify them of the risk of flash floods in surrounding areas, so you can avoid traveling away from the hotel and stay safe under our roof!

The entire team at Mosquito Beach Hotel is also happy to answer any questions you might have about developing weather conditions and how to keep yourself and your family safe while in South Carolina. Don’t hesitate to phone ahead of your visit or ask at the front desk if you’ll need an umbrella or if you should stay under the safety of our facility throughout your visit! You can enjoy a drink at the bar or sign up for a massage at our spa while waiting for the storms to pass, to ensure your safety and your relaxation while staying at the Mosquito Beach Hotel.